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The Skin Coach: What Kind of Acne Do you Have?

Did you know that nearly 85 percent of Americans suffer from acne? Most of these people do not identify themselves as having acne but rather as being the victims of occasional breakouts. The truth is, acne vulgaris is a disease that manifests on the skin and takes many different forms. Whether you get occasional stress-induced pimples or have a face full of red, monstrous bumps, these are all forms of the same disease. The good news is, the better you can recognize your acne type, the better you can appropriately treat it. Here is a simple guide to answering the question, what kind of acne do you have?

Non-Inflamed Acne:

This type of acne is the least recognized and consists of comedones, blackheads and whiteheads. When dead skin cells sludge up in the follicle and combine with debris like oil, bacteria and comedogenic ingredients, a mass called a comedo is formed. When this mass grows, it becomes a whitehead. If the mass stretches the pore and opens it up, it becomes a blackhead. Think of this type of acne like the “baby” version of acne that is less noticeable because it is smaller, but is still made of the same stuff as the more severe inflamed acne types.

Inflamed Acne:

Inflammatory acne is the most easily recognized form of acne and consists of papules, more commonly known as pimples, and pustules. These lesions form when non-inflamed acne grows so big that the follicle wall breaks and our body responds by sending rushing red and white blood cells (pus) to heal the area. When the tear in the follicular wall is in the deeper layers of the skin, the more painful cysts and nodules form.

Combination Acne

This is the most common type of acne and is characterized by a mix of non-inflamed and inflamed acne lesions. 

Try an Acne Starter Kit that is designed to work on all acne types or schedule a free product consultation and find out which products work best for your skin, acne type, and sensitivity level.


Jewelry Report: Favor Jewelry Summer Collection

I've been a fan of Favor Jewelry for some time now after discovering the line at a local store, Stripe. Created by Monika Reed, a designer living in Portland, Ore., the line is for the woman who enjoys minimal, striking jewelry. Above is a selection from her new summer line, including the charming Prism Necklace, $88 (top right) and the Stripe Necklace, $76 (middle right). The cool Drip Bangle sells for $68 and the Frond Earrings and Mosaic Earrings each sell for $64. I'll have one of each, please.

The Penny Rose recently caught up with the talented, 26-year-old Reed, and asked her to share with us about her jewelry line. 

How did you get your start in jewelry? 

My first job was at a bead store and I learned to make jewelry there. I worked at other bead stores and did production work for other designers for several years, then went to school for anthropology. I was nervous about finding a job with a social science degree, when I realized I already had the skills to create a career in jewelry. I created a collection and a website, then left school and jumped right into making Favor a full-time job. That was four years ago.

What's the aesthetic of Favor Jewelry? 

I like clean lines, graceful curves, and delicate shapes. I like pieces to have an ethereal and effortless quality.

Where are some of the places where your jewelry is sold? 

All over. In Northern California, you can find Favor at Stripe in Santa Cruz, Rare Device, Gallery of Jewels, and ElizabethW in San Francisco, and Bespoke in Truckee. I also work with stores throughout the country, Canada, and Western Europe.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’d say it’s casual, feminine, and curated. I walk everywhere and the weather varies so much in Portland, so comfort and layers are really important to me. I keep a pretty neutral color palette and I find I gravitate toward well-made basics so I can let my jewelry be the focus.

What’s your favorite skin care item?

Honey! It’s hydrating and smells nice. I use it for masks and I even wash my face with it in the winter.

What beauty products would we find in your purse?

I always carry coconut-scented lipbalm.

Mani or pedi?

I work with my hands and they are often a wreck, so when I get to splurge, I go for a manicure. Of course, it only lasts a day before I’ve ruined it.

Lip gloss or lip balm?

Lip balm.

Heels or flats?



International Beauty Report: English Hair

For some, England brings to mind scones, the royal family and more recently, Downton Abbey. But when I think of England, it’s the beauty product Mecca—Boots—that captures my undivided attention. Now that I am engaged to an Englishman, I have the happy prospect of many future visits to the UK, and subsequently to Boots, where I can stock up on brands often not sold across the pond. One of my favorites? Lee Stafford.

The English celebrity hairdresser’s line of products has taken my hair product arsenal by storm. While browsing in the hair care aisle, I spotted a collection of bright pink bottles. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the logo sported a picture of a bulldog—and being the canine lover that I am, I was hooked.

I tested out two products: the Dry Shampoo and the Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist. Verdict? Both are excellent.

Ever since my hairdresser told me she only washes her hair once every four or five days, I’ve adopted a similar regimen. Trouble is, I balk at the first hint of greasiness. Dry shampoo has become my closest friend and ally, and I’ve never found one better than Lee Stafford. It sprays on in the form of a very fine powder, and makes my hair feel soft and fresh.

The Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist, too, is a winner, and makes my unruly, frizzy hair behave properly—even in humid weather. And the icing? The scent of these products is addicting, in fact, Stafford’s slogan is “Have fun, look wicked, smell beautiful.” Thanks Mr. Stafford, I will.

Select Lee Stafford products are available at 


What I'd Wear: Easter



It's arrived. That time of year when pastels reign. Soft hues have been on the radar for a while, but it's a trend I'd happily leave on the racks. I love them for macarons and petit fours; dresses and pants not as much. I was excited when pale, tinted coats came out in the winter as a counterpoint to the heavy, saturated colors that we expect for that season. I guess that's why it's hard for me to embrace the pales come spring, especially Easter. They're so expected. But I thought if I was going to do a pastel blog, why not embrace the trend and see if I could find a way to make it work for me. I'd go about it like this: a soft floral print that reads mostly neutral with a wash of color, in this case a buttery yellow; a solid embellished top serving as an anchor; a bright handbag; contrast scarf and a snuggly sweater to round it out. Yes, in this outfit I would happily search high and low for Easter eggs and eat too much at brunch or dinner.


Coming Up Roses: Spring Fashion Shoot

Deva is wearing: Tracy Reese Tee Dress in Sugarpink, $355 / Molly M bag, $90 / tiro tiro bracelet, $110 / Tribal Links earrings, $45. All items sold at Cameron Marks.

There's no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than by wearing a festive frock. In this case, make it something patterened, floral, and vibrant. But give florals an updated and sophisticated spin with a dress like this one by Tracy Reese. The side details give it a subtle edge. Pair with your hair down, soft makeup, and cool brass or gold accessories. You'll be the star of your own garden party. 

Photographer: Nick Chao. Creative Director: Christa Martin. Model: Deva Blaisdell-AndersonFashion Stylist: Ellie VilmenayMakeup Artist: Jillian Wilkey. Hair Stylist: Pat Valenzuela.  Clothing and jewelry found at Cameron Marks.