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Discovery of the Week: Miranda Bennett

I simultaneously discovered Miranda Bennett at two of my favorite boutiques within days from each other. This Austin, Texas based fashion designer is quickly gaining Bay Area fans with her "elevated go-to apparel." While I'm loving all three of these "Everyday Tops," the Heartwood color (pinky-peach) was the one I discovered at Stripe in Santa Cruz and Legion in San Francisco. The adorable, cotton gauze top is a sweet neutral color that's missing from my wardrobe. Wear it tucked into jeans or let it flow loosely on a hot summer day. At $144 it's a long-term investment piece, but one well worth it. 

Check out more from this delightful line at 


International Beauty Report: Hydra Life Saver

Korean women have a reputation for being among the most beautiful women in Asia, and they take their skincare seriously. So when a Korean friend of mine gave me Dior Hydra Life Moisturizing Mist as a going away present, I knew I was in for a treat.

After living and working in South Korea on and off for nearly three years, the time had come to say goodbye, and now I’m currently on the road, making my way home to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico via a jaunt through torrid Southeast Asia. Last month was Indonesia and Singapore, the next two months will see me in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Cambodia, and Thailand. With all the traveling in hot and steamy countries, it’s not like I need a thick and goopy moisturizer, the humidity ensures my face is glisten-y enough as it is.

As it turns out my Korean friend was clairvoyant. As she hugged me goodbye, she said, “You’re going to need this,” as she slipped the goodbye present in my hands. She explained that she and all her friends use the Hydra Life spray to keep their skin cool and comfortable during the extremely humid South Korean summers.

Curious as to the ingredients of this mystery mist, I checked out Dior’s website. “A trilogy of flower extracts from the Dior gardens,” it explains, make up this fragrant spray: Jisten from Uzbekistan to moisturize, mallow from Anjou to stimulate the renewal of epidermal cells and centella from Madagascar to restore the skin’s bounce by activating collagen synthesis.

Nearly two months into my trip, and while I can’t say for sure I’ve noticed the specific results that the trilogy of flowers has promised, my skin does feel balanced and delightfully cool. I stash the pretty, skin-saving bottle in the fridge whenever possible for an even more refreshing spritz. It’s also a blessing in a bottle on airplanes, protecting my face from the dry, stale air.

Now that I’ve traveled with a bottle of Hydra Life in by purse, it’s likely I’ll never leave home without it again.


What I'd Wear: 4th of July


July 4

I can't think of another holiday where fashion-minded folk dress in theme in all seriousness. Ugly sweater parties and pilgrim plays aside, the 4th of July brings out our red, white and blue and it can get a little stale pulling out the denim, bandana, prints and stripes once more. So I thought, why not go a subtler route and give a nod with a pop of red accents and a chambray shirt, but make a pair of retro inspired shorts the main star. Thus we have our patriotism shown while enjoying a new take on an old holiday. This outfit will be perfect at a barbecue, beach bash, and all the way through the fireworks finale. 


Portland Adventures: The Good Flock X Ashley Goldberg

This week I returned from an epic road trip to Washington and Oregon, where I stayed for several days at Mount Rainier and in Portland. Both places were chock-full of beauty in different ways. Over the next month I'll be sharing some of my favorite finds from my Portland shopping adventures: stores I have a crush on, brilliant surprising finds, apothecary delights, jewelry gems, and more.

Up first is this patterned tote and clutch by The Good Flock X Ashley Goldberg, the former a design company and the latter an illustrator. Together, they created this stunning print found on this sturdy, two-pocket tote and clutch. I found these beauties at Backtalk PDX, a beautiful boutique that sells curated vintage finds and the work of "emerging fashion designers." If you're in Portland, be sure to check out this darling store and find these bags online here. The tote is $119 and the clutch is $49.


Vacation Tips for Clear Skin

"The Skin Coach" column is written by Kimmy Williams, owner of Acqua e Sapone, a skin clinic in San Francisco. 

Summer is upon us and that means most of us will be heading off for a vacation at one point or another. But whether it’s a faraway beach or a weekend getaway, any trip away can bring about hiccups in our normal routines which can mean post-vacation breakouts for those of us with acne-prone skin. Here are a few tips to make sure your acne-prone skin stays clear and radiant well beyond your summer trip.

Bring non-comedogenic toiletries

It does not take much contact with a pore-clogging product to cause a breakout and this does not just apply to the products you use on your face. Comedogenic toiletries like shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste can cause breakouts, even without coming into direct contact with your face. To avoid acne cosmetica, stay away from unknown hotel toiletries and bring your own acne-safe hair products, toothpaste, and even body wash if you suffer from body acne.

Bring your own pillowcases.

Hotels often use scented detergent and fabric softener to wash pillowcases which can exacerbate acne venenata, or contact acne, in acne-prone individuals. To avoid this type of acne that usually shows up on the side of your face that you sleep on, bring your pillowcases that have been washed with fragrance-free detergent and dried without fabric softener.

Stay consistent with your regimen.

The late nights and relaxed attitude of vacation usually means skipping your skincare regimen or not even washing your face at all. If you come home late, try to perform your regimen as soon as you enter the door so you don’t get too comfortable and fall asleep. Also, be sure to apply sunscreen to your face and body in the mornings before starting the day to avoid sun damage.